Music Is The Best Medicine

     New studies show that music is good for your health. Researchers in Norway found that hospital employees who joined a choir program reported improved health and greater engagement at work, proving that the social bonds formed during cultural activities like singing have a positive effect on your overall health. So how do different genres of music measure up?

Rap: A new study from the National Institutes of Health shows that the spontaneous lyrical improvisation in rap engages the brain's pre-frontal cortex region, inspiring creativity.

Classical: A Stanford University study shows the complex symphonies by Baroque composers like Bach and Handel helps focus the mind.

Your favorite song: A study from McGill University shows that listening to music that moves you triggers the release of dopamine in the brain, heightening pleasure centers in the mind.

Fast tunes: Researchers at Brunel University found that fast-paced, energetic music was best for physical activity, while inspirational music with a climax is best for game-time prep.

Mellow music: According to the University of Kentucky, patients who listened to mellow music before, during and after surgery reported reduced pain and anxiety, requiring less sedative medication. (Women's Health)

Matt Appleby

It seems like such a long time since I started my radio career at WNCO- FM in Ashland, Ohio. (101.3) It was January 1980. Ashland High School had a program called Student Aid where a student could spend two class periods per day at the career business of


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