Don't expect fruit cups, veggie plates and sugar free desserts at our Super Bowl gathering on Sunday.  Our menu is full of fun and simple party foods.  We'll be preparing a pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches and allowing our guests to choose from a small assortment of BBQ sauces.  Add to that deviled eggs, Hanky-Pankies (small thinly slice squares of brown bread topped with a burger & cheese mixture), cocktail meatballs, and my famous blend of Hormel No-Bean chili and Velveeta cheese (3 cans of chili to one small brick of Velveeta) served with tortilla scoops.  My wife also makes a dessert made from Pillsbury crescent roll dough (x2), cream cheese (x2), vanilla, and sugar. (Think cheese cake squares)  We expect other contributions including wings, a buffalo chicken dip, chocolate chip cookies and more.  No one goes away hungry!