MRCPL Presents Jungle Island - June 10 thru 14

MRCPL Lexington Branch

Jungle Island

Mon. June 10, 11:30 AM Crestview Branch

Mon. June 10, 2:30 PM Plymouth Branch

Mon. June 10, 6 PM Marshall Park

Tue. June 11, 10:30 AM Main Library

Tue. June 11, 2:30 PM Lucas Comm Center

Wed. June 12, 2:30 PM Butler Branch

Thu. June 13, 2:30 PM Madison Branch

Thu. June 13, 6 PM Bellville Branch

Fri. June 14, 10:30 AM Lexington Branch

Children of all ages.

Join us for a fun "show and tell" presentation of some fun animals. Interesting facts and unique characteristics of each will be provided. Come see close-up, touch, or pet a variety of "guest stars."