Watch Nervous First-Time Mom Dance While in Labor to Ease Her Fears and Coax Her Baby Along

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Dancing Through Labor

*EDITED TO ADD* Thank you everyone for your positive comments! With so many comments, we just cannot keep up with them. So please, use common decency and only make positive comments. My last client of 2016 dancing her baby down through contractions at 6 cm dilated! As these questions have been asked many times, we're going t address them here: She's wearing the mesh underwear and pad because her water had broken and was leaking. She did not have pain medication for her birth. The woman dancing with her is her sister-in-law, not a nurse. The monitor on her belly is the Novii wireless fetal monitor from Monica Healthcare. It is a waterproof and wireless contraction and heart rate monitor.

Posted by Birthing in Love, LLC on Friday, February 24, 2017

Amber Bush was pretty excited about giving birth to her first baby.

According to Huffington Post, she told her doula that she wanted a natural childbirth. Then, on December 28, her water broke and she was rushed to a hospital in Newport News, Virginia.

As Bush anxiously waited through the contractions she had an idea for how to pass her free time.

At six centimeters dilated, the pregnant mommy jumped out of her hospital bed and started dancing with her sister-in-law.

Her doula, Jessica Weisbrod, captured the video and posted it on Facebook. Since then it has been viewed more than nine million times.



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