6 Big Problems With Building Tiny Houses

Tiny House

While building tiny houses has become all the rage, Mental Floss has compiled a list of six problems you’re bound to face if you’re thinking about downsizing to a home on wheels. Here they are:

  • You’re going to be thinking a lot about poop. Some toilets divert solids to be used as compost, while other, “dry” toilets essentially act as a giant diaper, wrapping and storing your deposits for future disposal.  You'll have to pick your poison. 
  • Zoning laws can cause big problems. City and town zoning laws often dictate what minimally constitutes a house, like square footage or number of rooms. 
  • They aren’t cheap. While you can find some modest options for $25,000, a house with top-end amenities can creep into the six figures.
  • Obtaining insurance can be difficult. Insurance companies have trouble accounting for a house without a foundation, which may or may not be up to building codes, so you may find yourself paying a premium for the coverage.
  • You’ll need storage space. Many people have mementos, belongings and collections that they don’t have room for but don’t necessarily want to part with.
  • Someone might steal your tiny house. In 2018, a woman in St. Louis discovered the house she had left parked in a commercial lot turned up missing. It was recovered 30 miles away.


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