8 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them Without Words

Here are some ways to show your partner you care and you love them without saying those three words.

  1. Love them as they want to be loved.Take Gary Chapman’s love language quiz with your partner and start loving each other in a way that will work.
  2. Take care of them but let them return the favor.Imagine how good it would feel for your partner to do something for you. And let them!
  3. Hear them.Being seen, heard, understood and acknowledged is an important part of feeling loved.
  4. Share their passions.By supporting your partner’s passions, you are letting them know that you respect and love who they are as a person. 
  5. Support them always.Even when you think your partner’s new idea is crazy, support them. That’s what people who love each other do for each other.
  6. Don’t be critical.Imagine what your partner, who loves you, must feel like when you are critical of them.
  7. Don’t take things personally.Apologize for the hurt. Forgive and move on.
  8. Never show contempt.Contempt seems to rear its ugly head when wrongs fester and when people don’t forgive. 



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