8 Ways People Made Themselves Smell Good Before Deodorant

People used these things to smell better in the past

  1. Ostrich eggs.One formula out of ancient Egypt called for ostrich egg, nuts, tamarisk, and tortoise shell ground into a paste with fat. 
  2. Porridge balls.In ancient Egypt, they flavored porridge with incense and rolled it into balls to stick beneath their armpits.
  3. Carob.Carob trees are native to the Mediterranean region, and affluent Egyptians would crush the pods and rub them over their bodies to counteract their natural funk.
  4. Scented olive oil.Perfume makers in Greece and Rome would steep aromatics--such as leaves, roots, and flowers--in oil pressed from olives.
  5. Perfume baths.Some people in Greece’s high society took scented baths before applying perfume beneath their armpits. 
  6. Ambergris.This is a waxy substance that forms when indigestible matter clumps together in the intestines of sperm whales. 
  7. Musk.Musk comes from a small sac that hangs in front of a male musk deer’s genitals, and it smells like urine when the deer secretes it. To achieve the desired aroma--sweet, earthy, and sensual--the gland must be harvested and left to dry.
  8. Carbolic Acid.One home deodorant recipe from 1903 included carbolic acid, which burns on contact with the skin.



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