10 Situations in Which You Should Use Cash Instead of Credit

You should use cash over credit in these instances.

  1. Tips.Your bartender, your hair stylist, your airport shoe shine guy, your massage therapist, everybody gets tips. Tipping in cash means your service provider takes home cash that day instead of waiting for the next paycheck.
  2. Cover fees for bars, music venues and comedy clubs.Those that don’t take cards will often point to a crusty-looking ATM as your solution.
  3. Garage sales.Don’t be that person trying to use plastic unless the yard sale explicitly advertises accepting Venmo or Paypal.
  4. Overdue library books.You’re really going to make your library pay a card fee for your $0.85 fine?
  5. Paying back friends or family for a small purchase.Sometimes it feels good to simply hand someone the money you owe them and call it a day. 
  6. Event parking.The kid working at the dirt lot a half mile from the baseball game will not have much sympathy if you roll up without the advertised "CASH ONLY $10."
  7. Gas stations that charge a higher rate for fill-ups on plastic.These gas stations are hit-or-miss, and many only charge a convenience fee for credit cards. 
  8. Laundromats.You need the dollars to get the quarters! Because someone’s always using the two washing machines that have card readers.
  9. The ice cream truck.Nothing takes the joy out of spontaneous ice cream splurges like waiting to enter your PIN while your cone melts on your hand.
  10. Kids’ allowances.Having them handle physical cash can help young people learn about money and math concepts.



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