Drinking Hot Chocolate Makes You Smarter, According To A New Study

Now you don't have to feel guilty drinking hot chocolate because according to new research, it makes you a smarter and faster thinker!

In a study of 18 men, researchers at the University of Birmingham found that drinking cocoa improved participants’ ability to quickly solve a series of complex mental tests.

During the study, the researchers tracked how participants, who were all healthy and ages 18 to 40, reacted to brain-teasing tests before and after drinking hot chocolate.

The team found that after drinking hot chocolate, participants’ blood oxygenation levels increased up to threefold, and that their test times and accuracy rates improved.

They also discovered that every participant’s performance improved when researchers added extra flavanol into normal hot chocolate, according to the study, which notes brain power is linked to oxygen levels.

So the next time you drink hot chocolate, just think it's making you smarter... because it is!

Photo credit: Getty Images