Rent a stranger's swimming pool?

Modern home, patio and infinity swimming pool

Modern home, patio and infinity swimming pool

It's summer, it's hot and YOU don't have a pool. If you are anything like me, you aren't a huge fan of community pools, AND, here in pandemic 2020, many of those community pools aren't open. So - what if there was a solution? Would you consider renting a STRANGER'S pool for a couple of hours? Introducing a new idea and app called Swimply. In a way it's genius. And in another way...NO WAY!!! I don't think I could feel comfortable renting a complete stranger's swimming pool for an hour or two. Like, are they home? What if you need to use the bathroom?

You can read about all the details right here...and also search here to see if there is a home/stranger near you willing to rent you their pool!

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