#Dating: The Best and Worst First Date Questions You Can Ask!

In life, preparation can make every situation easier to handle. When it comes to first dates, the questions you prepare in your mind can make or break how the evening’s conversation will flow. Here’s a solid list of questions that’ll get you moving...and others to avoid at all costs.

Hitting her up with anything that strikes a hopeful, happy tone, or gives her a chance to tell a story she’s excited to share.

· Great ones to consider are favorite vacations, dream travel destinations, their greatest accomplishment, first and favorite concerts, movies, and television shows, and hidden talents.

· Be careful, though, to not set up a question that leads you into a story that’ll get you talking so much you monopolize the conversation. You aren’t going to learn a damn thing about her if you don’t take a breath and shut the hell up.

Knowing what not to ask is important, too. When it comes to that, keep these three questions in mind…and stay away from them at all costs.

· Why are you single?

· How many exes do you have?

· How much money do you make?

· Why didn’t your last relationship work out?

You can find more questions to ask HERE.

HT: Men’s Health