#StudyFINDS: Men with BIG NOSES have, ahem, BIG GIMMICKS!

SIze. It does matter...

Throughout history, there have been multiple ways people have used to guesstimate the size of a dude’s package. Whether it’s the hands, feet, finger length, or whatever, it’s all been conjecture…until now.

That’s because new research out of Japan has determined that the nose…knows.

In the study, the corpses of 126 guys…all of whom had died within three days of being analyzed…had a “range of body parts” measured. Among them was their man meat, of which the “height, weight, and length” of their twigs were measured, along with the circumference and weight of their berries. Then, they also stretched their members “as far as it would go” so they could get an accurate “stretched penile length.”

When it came to the noses, they gauged schnoz size by measuring the distance between the eyes from the center of the nose’s bridge…and then the length between each end of the nostrils. What they determined is that the size of your junk is likely already “been determined before birth,” that “age, height, and body weight” have nothing to do with it. In fact, the size of a guy’s nose showed a correlation with the size of his johnson. On the average, a guy with a larger nose ended up packing 5.3-inches…whereas a guy with a smaller nose was sporting a 4.1-incher.

HT: Basic & Clinical Andrology